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NoodleScar investigating AT&T at SXSW 2011

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NoodleScar investigating AT&T at SXSW 2011

While at SXSW 2011 we wanted to find the stories that you don’t get to hear much about… some things that happen behind the scenes that you would normally never notice. Well… you would surely notice this if it was not there.

A few years ago when we first started to attend SXSW interactive we were plagued by bad reception on our iPhones. We were not able to make phone calls, not able to text… and internet service was not working during the biggest tech conference of the year.

Since the iPhone was only available on AT&T we all hoped somehow the service would improve. Well last year magically the service was amazing… so this year we wanted to find out how that was possible. How were we all able to use our phones for texting, calls and internet so well… so fast… so good…

We found out that AT&T sent out a herd of COWs to cover SXSW in Austin, TX and that was all we needed to know… it was our goal to find out more about these magical AT&T COWs.

After talking finding Chris Baccus of AT&T on twitter we followed a lead to get more information about now this years AT&T service was so amazing.

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